Sunday, June 28, 2009

Massive Post to Update

In the NICU
She had an IV in her head and a feeding tube

She had to take full feedings on her own before being discharge

She looks like a burrito baby

So the reason why there has not been a post in about forever and a day is because our computer was acting stupid and when we finally found a friend to look at it he said "no problem" and then without notice decided to fallow the band Phish on tour. So I am using my parents.

Item 1- Emmry
I had the peanut on March 19th at 9:01 pm by c-section. I was scheduled to be induced on April 4th because of complications with my diabetes but she came earlier cause my uterus sucks. I thought I peed my pants but it turned out that it was indeed my water that had broke. Austin was working so I gave him a call and told him not to worry but to hurry up and come home. I didn't feel a single contraction so I wasn't panicking. He came home and off we went.

When we arrived the nurse thought that i just had heavy leaking but i corrected her and said that my water straight up broke. She still didn't believe me so they sent me away to walk around for a bit and collect fluid they could test. As I was leaving I told them I just dumped a ton of fluid on the examining table if they wanted to test that. We were about to get in the elevator when the nurse came running out and said they were convinced that I was in labor.

Emmry was breech and they planned to try and move her but when my water broke that was no longer an option so c- section it is! The whole thing was weird, but went great. Emmry Catherine Wiley was born at 5ib 9oz and 18.5 in. Not bad for six weeks premature.

Although she was healthy she was just to little and weak for us to take home. She had to be in the NICU for 2 weeks and it was definitely the hardest thing we have ever gone through. She was a champion though and all the nurses loved her.
We finally got to bring her home on April 3rd. She had to be on oxygen for a few weeks but other then that she was perfect.

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Michael & Leslie McCabe said...

Wow Sarah. You make labor sound like no big deal. I hope I handle giving birth half as well as you did. You are a champ!