Monday, February 2, 2009

So I have been hiding out the past month, things have been crazy with work and... well just work. But our baby is growing and that's exciting. I found out that I am going to be induced 3 weeks early so I can bypass that whole last month of baby making were you become a water balloon. Her room is almost finished we have registered for all the baby crap we need. I hope she's cool, I mean just cause she's a baby doesn't mean that she won't be a little bitch. That's right I said it, babies can be bitches too.
There is just so much I want her to know and I want her to be strong and love who she is. I want her to be able to tell me everything and even though I am her mom I want to be able to relate. I know those are all things parents want for thier kids but let's be real, few actually achieve it. I can see as a parent it can be easy to lose sight of the world of a child, but I don't want to.


Megan said...

Well I am glad you won't be swelling up! I got your message a while ago...but I have been super stressed lately. I just wanted to wait to tell you if I had some official news or not. I thought I would know something by now...but maybe by this weekend! I want to see pic of you, your cute baby bump, and your new apartment!

the binghams. said...

Sarah! sorry- i totally blog stalked you- kim told me where to find you so blame her if anything :) she told me you had your sweet little baby and i hope you post pictures. i really miss you. <3 kirsten